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Sri Lanka has such beautiful cities, Weligama is just another addition to this long list. Located in the south coast of Sri Lanka, Weligama is a popular tourist destination and it is for a strong reason as well. Its marvelous rivers and just beautiful sceneries are so captivating that one just cant resist. Weligama means ‘’sandy village’’ and it has suffered a number of natural disasters in its past but still has managed to burst out as a such eye catching town. It has villages that are filled with kind hearted and welcoming people. Those people make the stay there worth the time.

Just like other Sri Lankan cities, it is also filled with beaches that enhance its beauty alot more than before. Its beaches are half occupied with fishermen who are busy fishing and boating. A little way away from the beaches, villages are filled with busy people working day and night to make a fortune, Schools that give surfing lessons can be seen at the ends of the beaches. Its such a pleasent sight to witness. It has attractive beaches that are ideal for surfing. Along the beaches, there are resort open for people who want to stay alongside the beautiful scenario.

Weligama is so full of attractive places. The villages are filled with all kinds of people that are open hearted and do alot for the visitors there. It has surf schools and beautiful greenry that attracts the tourists. It has been reviewed as a beautiful place by many for a reason.