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Unawatuna is a town in coastal Area of the Galle District in Sri Lanka. It is one of the most famous and largest sources of attraction for people. The main things that catch the attention of people are its beautiful beach and corals.

The Unawatuna beach is a major source of tourist attraction. The beach is a beautifully stretched area of land covered with sand that can raise the standards of any holidays with its exotic view and extraordinary environment. Corals are basically aquatic invertebrates that are established in colonies of a number of indistinguishable polyps. One of the things of this beach that hands it the grip over the others is these corals which are viewed and examined while snorkeling. One of the main preferences of tourists is to enjoy the marine life and examine it carefully and if you are one of them then the Unawatuna beach might just be the place to spend your holidays.

Jungle beach is a small beach which looks like it is located in middle of a jungle. The beach is most of the times over crowded, yet it is clean most of the time and because of its refreshing scenery and pleasant weather along with the breathtaking sea view it is labeled as paradise by many.

Many people over the years have preferred ecotourism. It is basically to observe wild life and animals in their natural habitat. Unawatuna luckily also has the ecotourism facility available for the tourist to examine the wild life as closely as possible. So, if you are planning to enjoy beach along with examining wildlife then Unawatuna is the perfect place for you.