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Koggala is a little seaside town, arranged at the edge of a tidal pond on the south shoreline of Sri Lanka, situated in Galle District, Southern Province of Sri Lanka and is represented by a Urban Council. Koggala is limited on one side by a reef, and on the other by an expansive lake, Koggala Lake, into which the various tributaries of the Koggala Oya deplete. It is roughly 139 kilometers (86 mi) south of Colombo and is arranged at a height of 3 meters (9.8 ft) over the sea level.

Koggala has one of the longest shorelines in Sri Lanka, and is situated in closeness to the prevalent vacationer resort of Unawatuna, Koggala in examination is moderately uncluttered as a traveler goal and for the most part unexplored. With the longest beach and coastline of the country, Koggala has significantly caught tourist’s attention and now hosts thousands of tourists every year. Koggala was fundamentally influenced by the wave brought about by the 2004 Indian Ocean quake, where the waters measured 9.1 meters (30 ft) high.

Besides the longest and most attractive beach of the country, the town is also a neighborhood to many tourist attractions and ancient temples Koggala is the birthplace of a well known Sri Lankan author and artist Martin Wickramasinghe whose work for the field of art is displayed in Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum, especially dedicated to his arts and traditions in the town. Other then this museum, Stilt Fisherman, Koggala lake, and Turtle hatcheries are tourist attractions.