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In the wet zone forest area you'll find one of Sri Lanka's finest locations, splendid and rich with nature's gifts. The town is called Kitulgala, where wildlife lives, plants grow, fishes and water creatures strut about with no inhibitions at all. Sri Lanka preserves natural beauty by protecting it, the people do not let any harm come to the nature of animals and plants.

Kitulgala goes through two monsoons each year and is titled the wettest place in the whole country. Kitulgala is famous for the exotic birds that roam the sky above it, the mouth-watering rice-curry lunch that's served and the Kelani River.

The Kellani River is safe except for some shallow parts in the opposite bank, it's a very secluded place to enjoy swimming and water sports like rafting. People enjoy picnics beside the lake and are often seen indulging in their favorite water sports. Wild and harmless fishes swim about the lake; all in all it provides a natural get-away for people finding peace.

Exotic birds like mountain hawk eagle, crested tree swift and layard's parakeet have made Kitulagala their home. Some researches and explorers even indicated that the newly discovered species of owl called serendip scops owl was heard calling throughout the forests. The untouched world of Flora and Fauna gives wild creatures and wild plants a home of their own; the place is eco-friendly and a tourist or explorer's next favorite.