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Sri Lanka is rich and overflowing when it comes to colourful history, many came and went, the essence of the dominance still lingers about in the cities and buildings. From Portuguese to Dutch, Sri Lanka has suffered and bloomed through many events.

Damulla is a large town situated in the Matale district, pretty near to Colombo. It is also given the title of a World Heritage Site. The town's most fascinated fact seems to be the time period of it's construction, it was built in just 167 days. Bursting with beautiful sites like the ironwood forest, rose quartz mountain, Rangiri Stadium and Na Uyana Aranya, one can't exactly pinpoint what this town is most known for.

It's glory is recognised and that is why it holds the title of a world heritage site, Dambulla Cave Temple lies in the central part of the country and is also known as the Golden Temple. People from faraway places come to see the cultural beauty with their own eyes. Inside the caves around the golden temple there are paintings and statues strewn all over, all related to the life of Gautama Buddha, his life and the events that took place in it. Vishnu, Ganesha and Demon—Mara are historic gods and goddesses that also have some paintings and structures sculpted for them, situated in the caves. It's predicted that the site has 2700 human skeletons buried underneath it.

This historic temple dates way back to first century BCE. The structure can be explained as a overhanging rock looming over five enormous caves. When it was made, it was considered as one of the largest and most essential monasteries. The hands of many Kings and rulers have interfered with the temple, but it still stands and screams the history embedded deep inside every crack of it's walls.